We envision a South Africa where every orphan and vulnerable child is loved and cared for within a family setup, with enough resources and opportunities to thrive.
Our unique orphan and vulnerable child (OVC) care model focusses investing in the development of foster parents of the OVC in our programmes, investing in the development of the OVC by means of after school programmes, talent development and other programmes, we then provide foster parents with sustainable jobs and provide our families with a proper brick house.
We need your help to give these families the resources they need to thrive, by donating for various items, for one year or one month:

1. You can donate towards the programmes we present, these programmes include A-Z reading, a Mathematics programmes, various talent development programmes and
2. You can donate towards food for our beneficiaries. We provide a meal for each OVC in our programmes, every day.
3. You can donate towards transport for our beneficiaries. We provide transport for our beneficiaries to school, to activities and to our community centres. We also provide transport to their care takers to get to work and back.
4. You can donate towards the total programme costs for beneficiaries, which includes programme costs and food and travel costs.

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